ABC Analyst: Trump Supporters Are Doing More Damage to America Than ISIS

Matthew Dowd / YouTube screenshot

ABC News political analyst Matthew Dowd tweeted Wednesday that Donald Trump and those who support him were doing more damage to the United States than the terrorist group ISIS.

"When people repeat lie after lie after lie to further their political agenda or to protect people they want in power, then they do incredible damage to our Republic," he tweeted. "More damage than ISIS has ever done to America."

Dowd was intentionally vague in his original tweet about who he was referring to, but in his responses to critics, he made it clear his critique was of the Trump administration and its backers.

Dowd was a strategist for the 2004 George W. Bush presidential campaign but has since emerged as a regular critic of Republicans. Following the 2016 election, he issued a mea culpa apologizing for the "arrogant, close-minded, judgmental, and sometimes mean-spirited way" he attacked those who thought Trump might win.