ABC: 72% Believe Clinton Too Willing to Bend the Rules


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's private email scandal continues to be a drag on her numbers with the public, with a new ABC News / Washington Post poll out Sunday showing a whopping 72 percent believe she is too willing to bend the rules.

FBI Director James Comey's criticism of Clinton's "extremely careless" email practices are a large factor in Clinton's struggles to win the public's trust. Although she was not charged with mishandling classified material, the damage to her public image has been significant.

She led Republican rival Donald Trump 47-to-43 percent in their matchup, but that was a steep drop from the 12-point advantage she enjoyed last month. Fifty-eight percent of registered voters in the poll said they were dissatisfied with choosing between Trump and Clinton.

"Pretty disgusted with both candidates," This Week host George Stephanopoulos said to sum up the poll.

The numbers are also tough for Trump, with 60 percent saying he is not qualified for office and 64 percent viewing him unfavorably, including 52 percent with a "strongly unfavorable" opinion.

ABC reporter Jonathan Karl said Trump's terrible numbers with being considered not qualified for office would normally be crippling, if not for Clinton's trust issues.

"Her honest and trustworthy problem has actually gotten worse in the wake of the email scandal," Karl said. "I've talked to Republicans who fear that they may be nominating the one Republican who cannot beat Hillary Clinton, and I've talked to Democrats who believe or fear that they may be nominating the one Democrat who could lose to Donald Trump."

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