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U.S. Military Announces Airstrikes Killed 27 Terrorists in Somalia

A view from African Union Mission in Somalia's (AMISOM) Forward Operating Base Barawe, a city that was once an al-Shabaab stronghold / Getty Images

The U.S. Military announced its airstrikes killed 27 al-Shabaab terrorists in Somalia on Saturday.

U.S. Africa Command said it believes no civilians were harmed in the airstrike, conducted in support of the Somali government. AFRICOM manages all activity for U.S. military forces on the African continent, with the exception of Egypt.

In Somalia, the United Nations supports the Somali government and the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), a regional peacekeeping mission operated by the African Union, in fighting the Islamist militant group al-Shabaab. The terrorist group has pledged allegiance to al-Qaeda, and in the area it controls, al-Shabaab imposes strict Sharia law and terrorizes civilians, regardless of faith. The group advocates the Saudi-inspired Wahhabi version of Islam, while most Somalis are Sufis.

The airstrikes on Saturday occurred approximately 26 miles southwest of the northern city of Bosasso.

"U.S. forces will continue to use all authorized and appropriate measures to protect U.S. citizens and to disable terrorist threats," AFRICOM said in a statement. "This includes partnering with AMISOM and Somali National Security Forces (SNSF) in combined counterterrorism operations and targeting terrorists, their training camps, and their safe havens throughout Somalia and the region."