Trump: My Primary Foreign Policy Consultant Is Myself

'I have a very good brain, and I've said a lot of things'

March 16, 2016

Donald Trump revealed one of his key foreign policy consultants Wednesday as he gets closer to the Republican nomination for the presidency: Himself.

Pressed for weeks by Morning Joe's Mika Brzezinski to name his foreign policy team and consistently dodging, Trump told her Wednesday that his "primary consultant is myself."

"I think people now are realizing you are on a path to the nomination," Brzezinski said, after Trump rolled to victories in Illinois, North Carolina and Florida the previous night. "Who are you talking to consistently--since we have some dire foreign policy issues percolating around the world right now--who are you consulting with consistently so that you're ready on day one?"

‘I'm speaking with myself, number one, because I have a very good brain, and I've said a lot of things," Trump said. "In fact, in my book, in 2000, I talked about Osama bin Laden, and I do remember somebody putting the book in front of Joe [Scarborough,] and Joe saying, 'No way he talked about it, no way he wrote about Osama bin Laden before the World Trade Center came down,' and they said, 'No, he really did.'

"I know what I'm doing, and I listen to a lot of people. I talk to a lot of people, and at the appropriate time, I'll tell you who the people are, but I speak to a lot of people, but my primary consultant is myself, and I have a good instinct for this."

Last year, Trump told Meet The Press host Chuck Todd that he gets a lot of his foreign policy advice from "the shows."