Senor: If President Loses Vote on Syria and Does Not Act, It Will Be 'Shot in the Arm' For Tehran and Damascus

September 3, 2013

Former Bush administration official Dan Senor said he agreed with Secretary of State John Kerry's assessment that the consequences of President Obama pulling back from his stated intention to strike in Syria could be "grave" Tuesday on CNN:

ERIN BURNETT: But you're saying even if he doesn't that he should go ahead, because of the credibility of this country.

DAN SENOR: I think we have a major national security issue at stake as it relates to Syria. I think we have a major American credibility issue in the world at stake. And I think if the commander in chief declares as he has that he intends to take military action and then doesn't I think it will be a huge shot in the arm --


DAN SENOR: -- in Tehran, and Damascus for the Assad regime and for the Iranian regime and I think the consequences for the United States, I actually agree with Secretary Kerry, the consequences for the United States are so grave that it's impossible to even fathom the president pulling back once he's declared his intention to take action.

In light of public opinion polls showing little support for an American operation in Syria, Senor encouraged the president to make the case for action through a major policy address, something the president has generally avoided with the Syria thus far.