Senate Report on Benghazi: Strong Evidence of Al Qaeda in Libya

Senate Committee says Benghazi attacks preventable

• January 15, 2014 10:51 am


Fox News’ Catherine Herridge discussed the contents of the newly released Benghazi Report, produced by the Senate Intelligence Committee, with Martha MacCallum on Wednesday morning.

The report focuses on the Al Qaeda presence in Libya, specifically on former Guantanamo detainee Abu Sufyan bin Qumu. He was the primary suspect in the Benghazi attack. He is also one of the suspects with "historic" connections to Al Qaeda senior leadership.

In July of 2012, just a few months prior to the Benghazi attack, the CIA wrote a report titled "Libya, Al Qaeda Establishing Sanctuary." The report detailed the activities of Al Qaeda affiliated groups and associates’ efforts to exploit the environment in Libya in order to "enhance their capabilities." They also reported that they saw a mirror image of Al Qaeda "establishing a presence in Libya and neighboring Egypt under the Jamal network." The report, in conjunction with reports by the Defense Intelligence Agency and the CIA, demonstrates that Al Qaeda was establishing their presence in that area prior to the Benghazi attack. The link to Bin Qumu further solidifies this claim.

Herridge added that Fox News had also previously brought to attention a declassified report, produced by the Library of Congress, that noted Al Qaeda’s growing presence in Libya.

She stressed two main takeaways from the report: first, Bin Qumu, the former Guantanomo detainee, is referenced in the report as the "primary suspect in the attack." Secondly, the report provides strong evidence that a considerable amount of planning went into the Benghazi attack and its execution.

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