School District Bans Hugs and Homemade Food


A committee of parents and principals from the St. Mary’s county elementary schools released new guidelines prohibiting hugs and homemade food, reports the Southern Maryland Newspapers:

New rules for visitors to St. Mary’s County public elementary schools ban hugs and homemade food to anyone other than a parent’s own child.

The guidelines, which are now in effect, limit the activities of some volunteers, school officials said, but are needed to ensure a safe environment. […]

Superintendent Michael Martirano said Wednesday that schools are not open to anyone who wants to walk in, and that only people with real business should be there.

The new rules are meant to protect students in wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting in December.

Students are also restricted from handing out birthday invitations while at school, banned visits from younger siblings during the school day, and limited lunchtime and recess visits. Additionally, all visitors also must sign in and out on a computer in the school’s front office where they will have their picture taken by the computer.

H/T DCist.