Rosen to Psaki: Where Was Samantha Power During Emergency UN Meeting on Syria?

Psaki: She was on a 'pre-arranged trip'

Fox News reporter James Rosen asked State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki where UN Ambassador Samantha Power was that she could not attend an emergency UN Security Council meeting on Syria Thursday in the State Department press conference.

Psaki, noting she likes to be as "transparent as possible," said Power is on a "pre-arranged trip" and participated in the meeting remotely:

JAMES ROSEN: Last question. Where exactly was Ambassador Power that she could not take part in this emergency Security Council session? Where exactly was she?

JEN PSAKI: Well, I think the U.N. has spoken to this, but since you asked and I like to be as transparent as possible, Ambassador Power is on a pre-arranged trip. She did not attend the consultations in-person yesterday, as you know. She has secure communications as any leader has, and has been in constant contact with her staff and the White House. She is monitoring events, participated in the National Security Council meeting on Egypt convened by the President, and is providing instructions to her staff. And the U.S. deputy permanent representative participated in the U.N. Security Council consultations on Syria at the direction of Ambassador Power.

JAMES ROSEN: Is she on vacation?

JEN PSAKI: I don't have any more details for you. I'd send you to the U.N. for her schedule.

Rosen returned to the subject a few minutes later, pressing Psaki as to whether Ambassador Power is currently on vacation:

JAMES ROSEN: I just don't understand why you're unwilling to tell us where Ambassador Power was. There's no dishonor in having had a scheduled vacation, if that's the case.

JEN PSAKI: She had a previously scheduled trip.


JEN PSAKI: I don't think I need to go into more detail from here. And you're welcome to call the United Nations, where she is the ambassador.

JAMES ROSEN: You were willing to read out a certain set of facts related to this. Why do you stop at this?

JEN PSAKI: I have no more for you on this.