Ron Paul: I Don’t Blame America for 9/11, ‘I Blame Neocons’

Former Texas congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul, who is often accused of blaming America for terrorist attacks, said Wednesday he does not blame America–instead, he blames neoconservatives.

Reason magazine's Peter Suderman asked Paul, "You have been accused in the past of blaming America for violent acts, for terrorist acts. I want to know first how you respond to that charge."

Paul called that characterization "a fallacy and a misrepresentation of what I say."

"I don't blame America," Paul said. "I'm America, you're America. I don't blame you, I blame bad policy, I blame the interventionists, I blame the neoconservatives who preach this stuff, who believe in it like a religion, that they have to promote American goodness even if you have to bomb and kill people. So you blame policy. That is altogether different."