Rep. Turner Finds Obama’s Missile Defense Plan Lacking

Rep. Mike Turner (R., Ohio) has proposed new penalties on IRS officials who target groups for their beliefs. (AP)

Rep. Mike Turner (R., Ohio) sent the White House a letter Wednesday criticizing the administration’s missile defense strategy, according to the Hill:

"At a time when our missile defense system is the only defense that we have to the threat from North Korea, and the emerging threats from Iran, I am greatly concerned that your missile defense strategy is languishing," Turner wrote.

Turner and several House Republicans are trying to revive the East Coast missile defense shield as a back up defense against potential threats from North Korea.

The Obama administration is focusing on putting missile defense systems "into European countries and the Russian border" instead.

The White House plans to field a massive network of land and sea-based ballistic missile interceptors to defend against potential long-range missile threats from Iran by 2020.

Turner also critiqued President Barack Obama for engaging in missile defense talks with Russia.

"Your haphazard approach to a missile defense strategy has significantly alienated the United States' European allies," according to Turner.

Attempts to resolve issues with Moscow on missile defense "have left our allies abandoned in the face of domestic criticism and Russian opposition," he added.