Obama Star Power Waning in Hollywood

It appears that Jon Lovitz is not the only celebrity who has soured over President Barack Obama—the rest of Hollywood is less enchanted with the president than they were four years ago. Michael Hastings at Buzzfeed reports:

Complaints about Obama had become a feature of the L.A. landscape. Over the past week, I’d spoken to more than a dozen Hollywood players, and all had a litany of criticisms. "I’ll write the check," one top producer, whose films have made over a billion at the box office, told me. "But I’m not going to bother voting for him." …

"Starry-eyed, thinking Obama was going to change the world, post-racial America, all of that—it was here in Hollywood, more so than anywhere else in the country," says an influential Democratic party insider and fundraiser in LA. "It’s a city where there’s an almost childlike imagination, a city where the imagination runs wild. It’s one of the city’s greatest strengths—the West Coast attitude to say, okay, go for it. So they believed in Obama. And now they hate him. They hate him."

The starlets are disappointed in the president’s refusal to close Gitmo and his embrace of tough politics, rather than the ‘hope and change’ that defined his campaign, according to Buzzfeed.

One man working to reverse the trend is liberal A-Lister George Clooney, who will host a multi-million dollar fundraiser for Obama this week. Obama also may have tapped into a few more Hollywood checkbooks after announcing his support for gay marriage on Wednesday, according to industry insiders.