NC Dem Suggests Romney is Pro-Polygamy

A Democratic lawmaker in North Carolina cited voter concern over polygamy, a practice banned by the Mormon church in 1890, as a reason why GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney will struggle to win the state. BuzzFeed reports:

In an interview with, a North Carolina Democrat predicted trouble for Mitt Romney because of polygamy — a practice the candidate's church hasn't practiced in more than a century.

Rep. Alma Adams, who serves as chairwoman of the Legislative Black Caucus in the North Carolina General Assembly, said Romney will struggle for support among social conservatives in the state who voted to support a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage last week.

"If they look at that awful ballot amendment, and they compare that with his faith, I don't think people will be OK with it," Adams said. "From what I understand about the Mormon faith you can have multiple wives. That's sort of a contradiction. There are questions about who Romney is and what he believes in terms of that particular issue."

Romney said in a 2007 interview that he couldn't "imagine anything more awful than polygamy."