MSNBC Slams Baucus Nomination

Matthews and Gregory: Baucus has no foreign policy experience, 'didn't do a great job' as Senate Finance chair

MSNBC hosts David Gregory and Chris Matthews slammed the nomination of Sen. Max Bacaus (D., Mont.) to Ambassador to China Friday afternoon.

Meet the Press host David Gregory characterized the choice as "curious" considering Baucus's lack of foreign policy experience and the immense security challenges the United States faces with China.

Mitchell proceeded to provide the rationale for the administration's Baucus selection, explaining how the nomination could politically benefit the administration and Democrats in the Senate.

Hardball host Chris Matthews quickly countered, telling Mitchell "you made every case but the merits." "He didn't do a great job finance chair in getting together a bipartisan — at least semblance of bipartisan approach to healthcare, which was his big goal in life. Didn't do it. We lost Enzi, we lost Orrin Hatch. Remember that? There was a hope there," Matthews said.