MSNBC Mostly Ignores Breitbart's Passing

Left-leaning cable news channel MSNBC has had little to say about the death of conservative author, pundit, and provocateur Andrew Breitbart, mentioning his death only three brief times so far Thursday.

Breitbart, a former editor at Drudge Report who went on to launch a series of popular conservative websites, died Thursday morning at age 43.

Politico reports:

Both Fox News and CNN provided extensive coverage of Andrew Breitbart's death this morning. Fox News had many of its contributors on to mourn the passing of the conservative Internet publisher and provacateur in at least eleven different segments, while CNN spoke with its own conservative contirbutors Erick Erickson and Dana Loesch, among others, in six segments.

MSNBC, which leans left on the ideological spectrum, did not provide extensive coverage of Breitbart's death. As of 12:15 p.m., the network had mentioned the story three times, and each time in brief reports that lasted about 30 seconds. Chuck Todd made mention of it first during his program at 9:40 a.m. shortly after the news was confirmed (see above), and Chris Jansing did so again one hour later.

Toward the end of her segment, Jansing said, "The Twitter world is really busy with the death of Davy Jones," referring to the Monkees frontman who also passed away recently.

MSNBC communications VP Jeremy Gaines would not comment on the record about the network's coverage of Breitbart's death.


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