Andrea Mitchell Keeps Correcting Clinton Supporter For False Statements About IG Report

• May 26, 2016 2:43 pm


Andrea Mitchell had to continuously interrupt an interview with Hillary Clinton supporter Rep. Adam Schiff (D., Calif.) Thursday to correct his false statements about the recent IG report slamming Clinton's use of a private email server.

The MSNBC host started off the interview by asking Schiff if this report troubled him. He said that this report didn't "present a whole lot of new information," adding that each Secretary of State had fully or in part used personal email during their tenure.

Mitchell jumped in to correct his statements.

"Congressman, let me just fix the record here," Mitchell said. "Madeleine Albright used no email and neither did Condoleezza Rice. Neither of them used any emails. Colin Powell used email. He was the first to use email. He used both personal and official email and the report acknowledges that he did not turn over all, but they were requirements that came into play after he left office, long after he left office and then mid-way through the Clinton tenure.

"Hillary Clinton is the only one who had a private server. She's the only one who did not cooperate with the investigators and she's the only one who was not out front about it."

She continued by pointing out that Powell only used email because he wanted to help transition the State Department into the 21st century. Mitchell further stated that Hillary Clinton was "doing this so secretively," to the point that people were told not to speak of the personal email usage.

Schiff said he did not agree with this "characterization."

Mitchell had a problem when Schiff said Powell was the first Secretary of State to use personal email.

"That's not what the report says," Mitchell said.

Schiff started listing people who "effectively used the same practice." This included the former Joint Chiefs of Staff, although he acknowledged that these people did not have their own home server, like Clinton had.

He also tried to shift blame to Rice's old aides for using their email, even though Rice did not.

Mitchell jumped in again.

"I have to interrupt you, Congressman, because the facts are that when Secretary Kerry came into office it was long before anyone knew about the private email—about the private server—and he was transitioning from the Senate and immediately archived those," she said. "She is, according to this report, she is the only Secretary of State who not only used a private server but turned over nothing. Nothing."