McCain: ‘Delusion’ That Iran Deal Will Lead to Cooperation

After an easy transition in Saudi Arabia, there is a renewed concern and focus on instability in Iran.

Iran has exerted significant influence on countries in the Arabian Peninsula by moving into countries and taking over. The Houthis, who are sponsored by Iran, have moved in to Iraq and have maintained a significant presence in the country.

Sen. John McCain (R., Ariz.) expressed concern that with a lack of a strong American presence, the Middle East could delve deeper into control of Islamic radicals. President Obama's lack of strategy in handling the Middle East is becoming harder to ignore.

"That’s pretty compelling for the world’s greatest nation," McCain said in regard to the lack of strategy.

McCain went on to say that there is a ‘delusion’ that there will be cooperation between the United States and Iran in reaching a nuclear deal. He also said that it was "shameful" the United States has not given defensive weapons to the Ukrainians.