Manchin: ‘I Don’t Think You Have a Scale’ to Measure My Anger Over New Coal Regulations

'This is just ridiculous. I should not have to be sitting here fighting my own president and my own government'


Sen. Joe Manchin (D., W. Va.) delivered a passionate rebuttal to President Obama and his announcement of new regulations for the coal industry Wednesday on "Fox & Friends."

At the end of the interview host Steve Doocy asked Sen. Manchin to quantify his anger over the president's plan for coal regulation on a scale from one to ten, at which point Manchin unloaded on President Obama:

STEVE DOOCY: Hey, just out of curiosity, on a scale of one to ten, how angry are you about this?

JOE MANCHIN: I don't think that you have a scale.

STEVE DOOCY: We can tell by your passion today. All right senator.

JOE MANCHIN: It's just ridiculous. This is just ridiculous. I should not have to be sitting here as a U.S. senator fighting my own president and fighting my own government. That's ridiculous. I want to work with them. I have reached out. I will continue to reach out. But I need a partner here. I don't need an adversary. I need a partner and an advocate.

Full interview:

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