Majority of Americans Think Obama 'Not Tough Enough'

Poll shows rejection of Obama foreign policy

An overwhelming majority of Americans believe that the world has become a more dangerous place in recent years and that President Barack Obama is "not tough enough" on national security and foreign policy issues, according to a new Pew Research Center/USA Today poll.

The poll found that 65 percent of adults think that the world has become a more dangerous place, with only 7 percent saying that the world is safer than it was several years ago.

The Obama approach to foreign policy in the past year has had an effect on public opinion. The number of people that believe the United States currently does too little in foreign affairs has doubled in the past year, from 17 to 31 percent.

Obama is viewed as "not tough enough" on foreign policy by 54 percent, with only 3 percent saying that the president is too tough.

People also strongly disagree with those who discount the threat posed to the United States by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS or ISIL), with 67 percent categorizing the group as a major threat. A nearly identical amount of respondents categorized "Islamic extremist groups like al Qaeda" as a major threat.

The poll was conducted by phone with 1,501 adults across the country.

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