Lieberman: Isolationism In the Past Has Forced Us Into ‘Much More Brutal’ Conflicts

Former Sen. Joe Lieberman said isolationist policies in the past have later forced the U.S. into "much more brutal" conflicts Monday onĀ Piers Morgan Live, noting this sort of public opinion against military intervention has occurred before in the wake of a sluggish economy:

PIERS MORGAN: They say we don't want to be meddling around in the Middle East in perpetuity. What do you say to the American people who have that view, because clearly from the polls, it's the majority?

LIEBERMAN: Right, I think we've got to say, first acknowledge that we've had periods like this in our history when Americans have pulled back, almost always following tough economic times and unpopular wars. But almost always that isolationism, if I can overstate the case, has forced us later into conflicts that were much more brutal.