Kristol: The War to Remove Saddam Hussein Was the Right Thing and Necessary Thing to Do

Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol spoke in defense of the war in Iraq on CNN’s Outfront, calling it responsible and crucial.

"I think going to war to remove Saddam was the right thing to do and the necessary and just thing to do. Look, we can debate 2003…but…we’ve tried to look at the situation on the ground and say ‘Let’s not even relitigate the past. What do we do now?’ This is a real crisis," Kristol told Erin Burnett.

He warned that "if ISIS dominates a huge chunk of Iraq and Syria and establishes a terrorist state there" it will pose a huge threat to the United States. Kristol continued, "If Iran extends its borders in effect west to Iraq, that is a crisis." He called for "a serious discussion" about the future of Iraq and United States’ involvement in it.