Kredo: Dem Congressman Who Bailed on Anti-Israel Event He Sponsored Should Explain His Support

• June 13, 2017 5:52 pm

Washington Free Beacon reporter Adam Kredo appeared on One America News Monday to discuss how he broke a story about a Democratic congressman sponsoring an anti-Israel event on Capitol Hill that he ultimately bailed on after Kredo's story was published.

Rep. Mark Pocan (D., Wis.) was initially an anonymous sponsor of the event on Capitol Hill that drew outrage for taking aim at Israel's military, saying the Jewish state was guilty of "systematic discrimination" against Palestinians in "occupied" territory. Pocan reserved space for the event on Capitol Hill that was also supported by groups that back boycotts against Israel.

Kredo reported on his involvement, and Pocan then declined to attend the forum:

Pocan, who originally sponsored the event anonymously before the Washington Free Beacon disclosed his identity, was not seen at the forum, despite it being customary for members of Congress to personally appear at the events they help organize.

Pocan reserved official Capitol Hill space for a forum backed by several anti-Israel groups that support boycotts of the Jewish state.

News of the event sparked ire on Capitol Hill and among pro-Israel supporters who saw the event as a propaganda effort aimed at defaming the Jewish state.


Pocan's absence from the event—which was not attended by a single member of Congress— was noticed by those in attendance.

"With all due respect, Congressman Pocan is a coward," said one senior congressional official who has been tracking the situation. "If you're going to sponsor anti-Israel propaganda, at least have the dignity to take responsibility for it."

Kredo said it was more noteworthy that Pocan tried to hide his involvement than the fact he was involved with such an event in the first place.

"This is all about a propaganda effort," Kredo said. "This is about mainstreaming views that are so incredibly fringe that a lawmaker like Pocan wouldn't even publicly be associated with it. It's the hiding that I think really needs to be called out here, not the fact that he sponsored it. If he believes this, explain why."