Krauthammer: Obama’s UN Speech ‘A Surrender On Iran’

• September 24, 2014 9:59 pm


Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer picked apart President Obama's address at the UN on Wednesday, calling it "the weakest statement ever issued on Iran and nukes."

After saying that Obama suggested "moral equivalence" between unrest in Ferguson, Mo., and unrest internationally, Krauthammer called Obama's speech "a continuation of the apology tour."

"The one thing you can say about the improvement of Obama's treatment of his own country is that six years ago, he went around the world talking about our sins–and here at least he stayed home and did it from the podium of the United Nations," Krauthammer said.

Krauthammer went on to say that Obama's lack of forceful language regarding the Iranian nuclear program indicated the U.S. has essentially "surrendered" on the issue:

We no longer hear ‘Iran cannot possess nukes; we're not going to allow this; will not happen.'

[Obama] says, ‘We're in negotiations, Iran has an opportunity to rejoin the community of nations, this can only happen if Iran takes this historic opportunity'–in other words, Iran will decide if it wants to go nuclear, no threats–forget about saying everything's on the table.

He doesn't even talk about sanctions, which are collapsing. This week, a Chinese ship docked in an Iranian port so they could have joint naval exercises, and they're still talking about how Iran is so isolated. This is a surrender on Iran as our negotiations are reaching a deadline within a month.