Krauthammer: Carney’s Remark is ‘Definition of Chutzpah’

'The administration's strategy has always been stringing it out over time'

• May 1, 2013 7:19 pm


Columnist Charles Krauthammer took White House Press Secretary Jay Carney to task Wednesday on "Special Report" for saying the Benghazi terrorist attack happened "a long time ago," calling it the "definition of chutzpah" and chastising the Obama administration for delaying answers, not releasing names of victims and witnesses, and ultimately trying to dismiss it as an old story.

"I have argued from the beginning, the administration's strategy has always been stringing it out over time and count on the mainstream media being uninterested in the story, and that's worked up until now," Krauthammer said "It echoes what Hillary Clinton said at her hearings: What difference does it make at this point? Well, because if you wait that long, the evidence will fade."

Reports have surfaced this week that Benghazi government witnesses were intimidated or threatened by unnamed Obama administration officials, and Victoria Toensing, an attorney for one State Department witness, said the administration is stonewalling the investigation.

Carney repeated Obama's claim to have no knowledge of any attempts to block Switnesses from testifying about the terrorist attack at his daily briefing. President Obama said the same Tuesday at his news conference, a claim Krauthammer called "slightly incredible" on the "Special Report" panel that night.

Krauthammer said Wednesday he thinks the administration wil not get away with burying Benghazi when so many are willing to testify and clear the air.

"I think the fact that there are people in the State Department that want to testify and now that it's out in the open, at least the accusation is that the administration is threatening them … they are going to be allowed to go out and testify," he said. "There is stuff that happened there that contradicts the official story, and that is when the story of the unraveling of this will begin."