King: Holder in Precarious Position by Defying House Judiciary Committee Deadline

'I think he's in an almost untenable position'

• June 5, 2013 10:58 pm


Rep. Peter King (R., N.Y.) said Attorney General Eric Holder has put himself in a precarious position by missing the House Judiciary Committee's deadline to respond to their request for more information about the Justice Department's role in investigating FNC reporter James Rosen Wednesday on "On the Record."

King suggested Holder's roundabout response to the Judiciary Committee may leave him open to a subpoena and another citation for contempt of Congress:

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN: Well he had his principle deputy sent two letters, one yesterday, one the day before, rather to the committee, so he will say that is the answer, so what could he possibly do or what would you do if you were the chairman?

PETER KING: I don't want to speak for Bob Goodlatte. But I would think certainly Eric Holder leaves himself open to a subpoena, he leaves himself open to charges of contempt of Congress. I mean he owes it to the committee, he owes it to the Congress. He is going to lose all credibility. As it is he has lost much of it. But he has lost all credibility if he tries to hide behind the subordinate. The fact is he is one the who testified, it was not the subordinate. We are talking about his testimony.We're talking about his testimony, not some legal interpretation here. We're talking about his interpretation of his testimony, a subordinate cannot give that. He owes it to the committee, he owes it to Congress, he owes it to the American people. I think he leaves himself very vulnerable to number one a subpoena and number two another contempt citation in the Congress.