Kessler Blasts New Secret Service Director

REGAN: Is the thinking by putting a woman in charge, they will maybe retail some of that — curtail some of that machismo behavior?

RONALD KESSLER: I think there is symbolism involved in having a female agent. The first female agent came in in 1975. I think it is about time they have a female director. More important is does this person have management skills, does she understand the cultural problems, does she have a vision, and I think the answer is no.

REGAN: Why do you say it is no?

KESSLER: Because she has been promoted all the way along because she is a yes person, because she will go along, because she does not rock the boat and come up with improvements, doesn't question the management style. I think the only way to reform the agency is to bring in an outside director, such as Mueller was when he was brought in to head the FBI from the Justice Department. The FBI needed some changes, especially to focus more on preventing terrorist attack. He was not afraid to make changes and was not beholden to any interests within the agency.