Keane: White House ‘Delusional’ To Think Assad Will Give Up Weapons

• September 18, 2013 3:11 pm


Ret. Gen. Jack Keane called the Obama administration "delusional" Wednesday on America Live for thinking Bashar al-Assad would willingly give up his chemical weapons supply.

Keane was asked to comment on former Obama Secretaries of Defense Robert Gates and Leon Panetta openly questioning Obama's Syrian policies Tuesday in Dallas, with both saying he should not have sought congressional approval for targeted strikes against the Assad regime. Gates was against the strike in its entirety however, while Panetta favored it for Assad crossing the red line.

The two also were skeptical of the Russian-backed negotiations that would lead to Syria handing over its weapons:

ALISYN CAMEROTA: It is fascinating to hear them on the public stage in a public forum disagreeing with their former Commander-in-Chief and then disagreeing with each other.

KEANE: Certainly, and the disagreement they are having with each other is one that the American people are having as well, and certainly the Congress of the United States and others who are seriously engaged in observing this, like commentators on Fox and myself. But the fact of the matter is what's so sad here is that our Syria policy now is limited to chemical weapons disarmament. The White House is delusional to think that Assad will disarm and give up his chemical weapons and his manufacturing capability. He will not do that. He will preserve much of it. It's also a whim and a wish to think that this would somehow lead to a political settlement. The fact is Assad will get stronger with Russian and Iranian arm shipments and supply shipments that will continue to aid him for his conventional weapons use. That's the facts of it, and the opposition force is considerably weaker as a result of all of this.

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