John Kerry: ‘Very Possible’ Russia and China are Reading my Emails

• August 12, 2015 9:01 am


Secretary of State John Kerry said it is "very possible" that Russia and China are reading his emails during an interview with CBS anchor Scott Pelley on Tuesday.

In recent months, the United States government reported numerous data breaches by Russian and Chinese officials.

Pelley asked Kerry if he believed Chinese and Russian officials were reading his emails.

"It’s very possible," Kerry said.

Kerry said the U.S. is fighting back but face obstacles.

"We are deeply involved in fighting back against this on a daily basis, but right now its pretty much the Wild West, so to speak," Kerry said.

It was reported that the Office of Personnel Management was hacked by China, in which they accessed more than 22 million federal employees’ personal information. Last week, another data breach was reported, but this time at the Pentagon, where high-ranking military officials’ emails were obtained.

The data breaches have dated back to when Hillary Clinton served as Secretary of State.