Jeh Johnson on Trump Administration Leaks: 'I've Never Seen It This Bad'

August 6, 2017

Former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Sunday that he'd never before seen the scale of leaks coming out of the Trump administration.

"The leaks right now are really bad," Johnson said on "Face The Nation." "I've never seen it this bad. There should be a concerted effort to identify and go after leakers."

The Washington Free Beacon reported last month on the unprecedented amount of leaks hitting the Trump White House. At a rate of least one per day, it is a far greater amount than those from the Obama or Bush administrations at that point in their tenures.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is leading a crackdown from the Justice Department on leaks that the administration says are damaging to national security.

Johnson said he would caution Sessions against his rhetoric about potentially subpoenaing records from reporters in his bid to stop the leaks.

"The one note of caution I'd give the Attorney General is what I tell younger lawyers: ‘Bad facts make bad law,'" Johnson said. "So before you decide to take on journalists, reporters, and perhaps subpoena their sources, be aware that the courts are going to get involved, and that has the potential for making bad law in this area."

Johnson is not alone among Obama administration members who are opposed to the amount of leaking occurring. Former CIA Director John Brennan called them "appalling" in an interview on "Meet The Press" last month.