Israeli Official: Palestinian Authority Inciting ‘Destruction of Israel’ on Daily Basis

Mahmoud Abbas / AP
• January 6, 2014 9:29 am


Israeli Intelligence Affairs Minister Dr. Yuval Steinitz said on Sunday that the annual "Palestinian Incitement Index" shows the Palestinian Authority using media and education "to teach hate and encourage violence against Jews," the Algemeiner reports.

Steinitz made the comments to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet.

"We must not ignore the fact that the Palestinian educational system and media, under the patronage of Abu Mazen (Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas) and during the negotiations, are educating and inciting—on a daily basis—for the destruction of the State of Israel," Steinitz said. 

He said the report’s findings show incitement against Israel and the Jewish People is continuing on official media channels including educational and religious networks close to the government; that examples have increased, rather than decreased, during the past five months of peace talks, and the use of prominent Nazi elements, including the image of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, have also increased this year.

Steinitz said there were four messages prevalent in the incitement:

1. Israel has no right to exist, certainly not as the state of the Jewish People, which, in any case, have no link to the holy Land;

2. The disappearance of Israel is unavoidable and is expected soon;

3. The Jews are sub-human creatures and must be dealt with accordingly;

4. In principle, all forms of struggle, including terrorism, are legitimate in order to realize the final goal.