Israel Defense Forces Seize Smuggled Weapons From Jordan

Troops have halted other weapons shipments in recent months

An Israeli soldier along the Israel-Jordan border (Menahem Kahana/AFP via Getty Images)
June 15, 2021

The Israel Defense Forces intercepted two shipments of smuggled weapons headed across the Israeli border from Jordan.

Soldiers worked with Israeli border police and other authorities on Monday to halt a shipment as it approached the border. Israeli forces identified and fired at one suspect before he was able to cross into the country. A reserve soldier was wounded in the operation. The cause of his injuries is under investigation.

Three smugglers attempted on Monday to bring a second weapons shipment, which included 10 Kalashnikov rifles and 5 sniper rifles, from Jordan into Israel. Defense Forces soldiers, in cooperation with Israeli police, seized the smugglers along the border.

It is not clear where the weapons originated.

The interceptions occurred during a surge of illicit activity on Israel's borders. In recent months, Israel has flagged more than 1,000 packages seized by troops for containing potentially smuggled illicit goods with military use. The packages—the majority of which were headed to Gaza—contained materials that could benefit Hamas's operations against Israel.