Iran Unveils Drone Designed For ‘Attacking Haifa, Tel Aviv’

Iranians walk past a drone in 2016 (Atta Kenare/AFP via Getty Images)
September 12, 2022

Iranian military leaders unveiled a new line of attack drones that they say were built with "unique capabilities that were considered specifically for targeting Haifa and Tel Aviv," two of Israel’s largest cities.

The drone, dubbed the Arash 2, was displayed as part of war drills run by Iran’s Army Ground Force during the past week, according to a report published Monday in Iran’s state-controlled press. Brigadier General Kioumars Heidari, commander of Iran's Army Ground Force, said the unmanned attack drones are vital to Tehran’s war machine.

Iran’s new armaments were publicly displayed as its leaders consider entering a revamped version of the 2015 nuclear accord, which will unfreeze millions in assets that Iran is expected to use to bolster its regional terror operations and missile arrays. Israel is staunchly opposed to the deal, saying it will increase the likelihood of a major attack on the Jewish state. Iran’s public disclosure of these drones is likely meant to deter a potential Israeli strike on its contested nuclear sites.

Heidari said on Iranian television that drones like the Arash 2 comprise a key pillar of the country’s offensive capabilities.

"Today, we have drones with a strategic range and also a drone with a range of 2,000 kilometers," Hedari was quoted as saying, indicating that the drones are more than capable of reaching Tel Aviv from Tehran. "Of course, we also have drones with lower ranges in our stockpiles."

The Arash 2 drone, the military leader added, "was specially designed for attacking Haifa and Tel Aviv" and is ready "to start operation" on that mission. Further details about the drone will be unveiled in upcoming military exercises, according to the report.

"Arash 2 has both seekers and is also equipped with search systems in addition to other unique capabilities that it recovers itself several times until it hits the target, precisely," the report stated.

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