Graham: White House Told Me to ‘Take a Hike’ in Response to Benghazi Letter

• November 5, 2013 10:36 am


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) told Fox and Friends Tuesday the response from the White House to his letter on the Benghazi terrorist attack and getting access to witnesses was essentially, "Take a hike."

Graham vowed last week to block every appointment in the U.S. Senate until the Benghazi survivors were made available to be interviewed:

ELISABETH HASSELBECK: Senator, you wrote a letter to the White House and they responded back on October 28th. What was their response?

LINDSEY GRAHAM: Take a hike. I've written a letter to the president and Secretary of State twice. All I want — I'm not trying to solve a crime here. I'm trying to find out did the people on the ground during the attack ever say it was a protest? Did they ask for security weeks or months before the attack and who turned them down? How can I go to the families and tell them that I know the story of Benghazi when we can't talk to the survivors? Here is the big story of Benghazi: how did Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama miss the rise of al Qaeda in Libya when they were told constantly al Qaeda flags are flying all over Benghazi? How did this administration miss the fact that al Qaeda was coming back in Libya and eventually kill four Americans?