Fox News: About 150 More Of Hillary Clinton’s Emails Found To Have Classified Information

• August 31, 2015 2:22 pm


About 150 Hillary Clinton emails that will be released tonight will have some classified information on them, Ed Henry reported for Fox News Monday.

Henry said more than 7,000 pages of Clinton's official email would be "spilling out" around 9 p.m. eastern, despite the initial report they would be released midday.

"We're now learning the most important piece of information of all, which is about 150 of these Clinton emails that will be released in this batch have some classified information in them, so they will be blacked out, redacted, that sensitive, classified information," Henry said. "Why is that significant? Well, to recap, the State Department had already told us there were at least 63 emails with some classified information in them based on the previous three months of information emails they had released every 30 days. This is big. About 150 emails with classified information, we're told."

Henry reminded viewers that Clinton claimed in March at her news conference that there was no classified information on her private server. Since then, she has changed her rhetoric to say she never knowingly passed classified material through her server and that such emails were not marked as classified.

"However, all of that is going to be dug into," Henry said.

The latest revelations spelled more trouble for Clinton, who has seen her poll numbers suffer on questions of favorability and honesty as more details about her private server have come out since March. The once wide lead she held in the Democratic primary battle over Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) has considerably narrowed in that time. Also, Vice President Joe Biden is a possibility to jump into the race and shake up the fray even further. Biden is strongly considering a run for the White House but has not yet made up his mind as to whether he will.

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