Four Marines Killed in Attacks on Chattanooga Military Centers

Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper Paul Clendenen
Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper Paul Clendenen / AP
July 16, 2015

Four U.S. Marines were killed in two separate shooting attacks on military centers in Chattanooga, Tenn., Thursday.

The Associated Press reported that a police officer and another serviceman were also shot during the incident, but suffered non-life-threatening injuries. The unidentified gunman, who officials believe to be the sole shooter, was also killed.

The shooting attacks were carried out at the Army Recruiting Center on Lee highway in Chattanooga and the Naval and Marine Reserve Center at the Chattanooga Riverpark, locations that are only seven miles apart.

According to Fox News, the four Marines were shot and killed by the gunman at the Naval and Marine Reserve Center.

A witness said the shooter began firing at the recruiting center around 10:45 A.M., an incident which gave way to a police chase to the reserve center.

President Obama was briefed on the situation and the FBI and other law enforcement agencies are currently investigating the situation to determine if the incident was an act of terrorism.

UPDATE 5:08 P.M.: Law enforcement officials have identified the shooting suspect as Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, according to CBS News.

Investigators are currently treating the situation as an "act of domestic terrorism," explained U.S. Attorney Bill Killian.

"Lives have been lost from some faithful people who have been serving our country, and I think I join all Tennesseans in being both sickened and saddened by this," said Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam.