Former Clinton Adviser: ‘We Should Have Armed Syrian Rebels Sooner’

Diplomats have not shied away from offering opinions on President Obama’s plan to "degrade and defeat" ISIL. Former Middle East envoy Dennis Ross is no exception.

Ross, a former State Department adviser under Hillary Clinton and special Middle East coordinator under Bill Clinton, told Fox News’ Shepard Smith that the U.S. should have armed the moderate Syrian rebels sooner.

"There are, in fact, those who I think–had we provided them support earlier–might have been more capable today," Ross said.

Ross also underscored the importance of establishing capable allies in Syria that could take over after the Islamic extremists are destroyed.

"If you're going defeat ISIL in Syria… you need something that will replace it," he said.

Ross warned against the possibility of leaving a "vacuum" in Syria, which could be filled with forces the U.S. is "not too happy to deal with."