Even Eugene Robinson Disappointed In Obama’s West Point Speech

MSNBC contributor Eugene Robinson panned President Obama's West Point speech Wednesday afternoon on Andrea Mitchell Reports.

Robinson said while the Obama's speech was billed as a clear pronouncement of the president's foreign policy doctrine, the actual message was extremely convoluted:

EUGENE ROBINSON: You know, the speech was billed as essentially the Obama Doctrine, laying out his foreign policy vision. The thesis of the speech was, there are a lot of different — very diverse kinds of problems that face us. It's diffuse thread, it's not like the Cold War. There are individual problems that require individual solutions. And so that then sort of militates against some sort of sweeping Obama Doctrine that you can sum up in a bumper sticker. And I don’t think we got one today, frankly. He's against isolationism, but he is interventionist, but not unilateralist. Just because we have the biggest hammer doesn't mean every problem is a nail, just because we have the best military doesn't mean every problem requires intervention.

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