Ed Henry: Obama Won’t Want to Talk About Al Qaeda During SOTU Address

• January 20, 2015 3:25 pm


President Obama is unlikely to bring up the hard foreign policy issues that have dominated the national headlines the past few months in his State of the Union speech tonight.

Ed Henry said that President Obama will not want to talk about al Qaeda, Yemen, or Islamic extremism when he delivers his annual address to Congress and the nation.

"What he doesn't want to talk about? al Qaeda," Henry said. "Remember how long the president spent saying they're on the run? Last year he claimed in the State of the Union, we're not longer on a war footing, so much for that."

"Last September the president said this was a success story, his counter-terror policies, not so much. Islamic extremism, not something the president will say tonight. He's calling it, you know, extremism in general, doesn't want to call it what it is."

Instead, Obama will focus on domestic policies that will be more popular with Americans. Once again he will propose taxing the rich to fire up liberals. Another major element of his speech will be his handout of free community college for all Americans.

"The world is on fire right now," Henry said. "The president wants to talk about domestic policies that are more positive, not so much as the other stuff."