David Rothkopf: Our Response to Terrorism ‘Clearly Isn’t Working’


Much like how America came together after the 9/11 attacks, the people of France and the rest of the world are coming together to support and grieve. David Rothkopf, CEO and editor of the FP Group, stated that our response on terrorism "clearly isn't working." He mentioned that there was an increase in terrorist attacks in the past fourteen years than in the time before. Rothkopf also mentioned that he was inspired by the people coming together but was hesitant about the fifty leaders marching among them.

"You have a representative of the Turkish government there for example that's been cutting terrorists a lot of slack. You have others there allegedly marching in the name of freedom of the press who have regimes that are actually pretty tough on the press, Turkey again among them. I think we should look at it and be moved by it. We should see the solidarity of the French people as a very positive sign but politicians as it happens tend to often act for purely political reasons," said Rothkopf.

Global politicians need to take a look at themselves. They cannot harbor terrorism and limit freedom of the press but stand by the side of a grieving victim of terrorism and say that they are with that country. Looking at you Turkey.


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