Cuomo Accepts Rodman’s Invitation to Visit Kim Jong-un in North Korea

CNN host accepted Chris Cuomo's invitation to visit North Korean leader Kim Jong-un Friday on New Day.

In a wide ranging and rambling interview from his rehab facility, Dennis Rodman formally invited Cuomo to North Korea so the CNN reporter could see in person that the reclusive North Korean despot is really a "nice guy":

DENNIS RODMAN: You go there with me. I'll give you this opportunity now on national tv, on national tv, I will take you over there and introduce you to him.

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RODMAN: And I would love for you to come back here and tell the world, tell the world in "person to person" with him, is he a nice guy when you meet him. When you meet him. Not politics. When you meet him and sit down and have dinner with him, and sing karaoke and all this stuff, I want you to come — I'm giving you and invitation.

CUOMO: I take the invitation.

RODMAN: I will take you over there.

CUOMO: I take the invitation.