Corn: ‘Carney Got Caught Saying Something That Wasn’t Completely True’

MSNBC contributor David Corn admitted that the reason White House Press Secretary Jay Carney's Benghazi press briefing was so tense was "he got caught saying something that wasn't completely true" Friday on MSNBC.

Despite Carney's untruth, Corn said that did not necessarily amount to lying.

American Enterprise Institute's Danielle Pletka reacted incredulously, suggesting Corn should try that reasoning on his children:

DAVID CORN: Yeah, Jay Carney has got caught saying something that wasn't completely true.

DANIELLE PLETKA: That's called a lie, David.

DAVID CORN: We in Washington — everything you say that's not true may not be a lie, but if you want to accept that premise, I'll happily accuse you of lying when you get things wrong.

DANIELLE PLETKA: Okay. I'll let you try that out on your kids.