Colbert Busch Passes on ‘Morning Joe’

S.C. Dem sidesteps MSNBC in wake of gun control mishap, tightening polls

• May 7, 2013 10:56 am


South Carolina Democratic congressional candidate Elizabeth Colbert Busch passed on an opportunity to appear alongside her opponent former Governor Mark Sanford (R.) Tuesday on "Morning Joe."

Colbert Busch's decision to skip "Morning Joe" comes after an embarrassing slip up on gun control and as polls in South Carolina's first congressional district show a tightening race:

MIKA BREZINSKI: Okay. So we should note that we asked Elizabeth Colbert Busch to be on the show, and she declined. For those who agree with your opinions and your — the issues on your record and your opinions on debt, the deficit and governing, but are concerned about how you left office and what happened. How do you answer the question, can voters trust you?

MARK SANFORD: Well, I'd turn it around to you, Mika, I'd say, I guarantee, we don't know each other at a personal level. But I guarantee you've made some mistake in your life where somebody could raise that very question to you. I could turn it around to anybody on the set and say, one event does not define your life. I had an old-timer come to me and say, "you know Mark, I'm not going to judge you on your worst day any more than on your best day."

After polls from two weeks ago showing Sanford 9 points down, the former South Carolina governor has staged a remarkable comeback causing many analysts to cast the special election as a true toss up.

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