CNN: Many Original Obama Administration Standards for Nuclear Deal Are Not Met With This Agreement

Sciutto: Two years ago, White House officials would have looked at this deal and said we gave up too much

July 14, 2015

CNN national security correspondent Jim Sciutto laid out various ways that original "standards of success" laid out by the Obama administration for a nuclear deal with Iran were not met after long negotiations culminated in an agreement Tuesday morning.

"What you have to look at here is the administration's own standards of success on this deal ... The administration sets standards like inspections anytime, anywhere," he said on New Day. "And what we know about this deal says that's not going to happen, that Iran is going to in effect have a veto on when those inspections might happen."

Sciutto said even White House officials would have said they had given up too much if they could have foreseen the measures the United States would eventually cave on, such as Iran keeping centrifuges and nuclear facilities like its secret one at Fordow.

"If at the start of these talks you and I and all of us sat around the table and said Iran would be able to keep all these nuclear facilities, including, for instance, the one at Fordow, which Iran kept secret from the international community and was only revealed due to intelligence work, they get to keep it," Sciutto said. "They even get to keep centrifuges inside that facility. If you said that two years ago or even a year ago, you would say wait a second, and even some administration officials and supporters would say, wait a second, we're not going to go that far."

Sciutto added he had heard from both Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill who were deeply skeptical of the agreement, which will relieve punishing economic sanctions against the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism.