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CNN: Kim Jong-un Fears for His Life Amid Assassination Rumors

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is fearing for his life as rumors of an assassination plot swirl, CNN reported Friday.

The dictator is possibly being targeted by an elite team from South Korea and by some within the elite circles of the communist regime.

"Is Kim Jong-un an assassination target? South Korea wants you to think he is," CNN correspondent Paula Hancocks reported. "The defense minister says an elite team is on standby to take him out if there's an imminent nuclear threat. The intelligence agency backing him up this week telling lawmakers they believe Kim Jong-un himself is worried about his personal safety, changing venues and schedules at short notice and buying explosives and poison detectors from overseas."

Hancocks also talked with a defector from North Korea, Kang Myung-do, a former member of North Korea's small elite and the son-in-law of a former prime minister. He said that he still communicates with North Korean officials, who are worried about Kim's behavior.

Hancock said that Kang told her many believe it is possible someone will try to kill Kim to save their own life since the North Korean leader is known for having important members of the elite executed in brutal fashion, including his own uncle.

It has recently been reported that Kim has had 64 "traitors" publicly executed this year alone.