Christie Mocks the Boss, Page Six

NJ Gov Responds to Allegation that He Dozed Off at Springsteen Concert

GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE: Now what they’re conflating—what the New York Post conflated was—is, earlier in the show, there’s a song called "Death of My Hometown," which is off the new disc, and Bruce did one of his little speeches beforehand. You know, about the robber barons and the rich and the 1%–you know, the normal Bruce stuff. And at that time, someone who is apparently not a political supporter of mine yells from a few rows back, "Hear that? Wake up, governor. Wake up." Now the joker who took the picture, which was much later on in the evening, conflated the two stories to make it sound better to whoever he sold it to on Page Six. The guy was asking me to wake up politically during "Death of My Hometown," and then I was kind of taking in spiritually "Rocky Ground." So that’s the explanation of the story. I have never fallen asleep during a Bruce Springsteen show. I will never fall asleep during a Bruce Springsteen show.