Chaffetz: We Gave The Taliban Their Starting Team Back

Chaffetz: Prisoner swap may 'lead to them being back on the battlefield'

Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R., Utah) of the House Homeland Security Committee said Monday "We gave the Taliban their starting team back" in the prisoner exchange for Bergdahl.

"We put the five guys that have led this organization, allegedly killed thousands of people and been responsible, back into home confinement which could potentially lead to them being back on the battlefield," Chaffetz told Andrea Mitchell.

Chaffetz denounced the president’s decision not to inform Congress, saying "I just don't like the way the president just decides to do this unilaterally, it’s not part of the law and it’s not part of the spirit in which this country operates."

Chaffetz suggested that the White House should have at least given short notice of the operation: "Even if you can't get to 30 days, at least try to give some sort of notification. There are ways to do that with the Intelligence Committee and others that can be more secretive."

In response to Obama’s disagreement with the current law, Chaffetz asked, "Why would he sign something into law that he thought was unconstitutional?"