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Chaffetz: Nobody At This Point Believes Jay Carney on Benghazi

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R., Utah) said Thursday morning on Fox News that the credibility of White House spokesman Jay Carney was shot after he tried to say that White House edits to Benghazi talking points were "stylistic and non-substantive."

Reports reveal the talking points were extensively edited to obscure the truth about al-Qaeda's involvement and the significance of the attack on the U.S. embassy:

STEVE DOOCY: Jay Carney has said some things that are untrue. Do you trust what the White House says about Benghazi?

CHAFFETZ: Look, I think objectively, I'm a Republican in the House, okay? So put it in context, I know people will do that. But objectively, the only thing that the White House spokesperson has is credibility. There is nobody at this point that believes the White House spokesperson, Jay Carney, that these were merely stylistic changes. The public was misled for weeks.


DOOCY: Congressman, should he be fired for lying to the American public?

CHAFFETZ: Look, President Obama gets to make the personal choices who his spokesperson is. I think he lacks credibility. I think the White House Press Corps is now starting to understand that they were misled. People make mistakes. Fess up to them. We're a very forgiving people.

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