Carney Sidesteps Question on Future Military Aid to Egypt

‘The relationship between the U.S. and Egyptian goes beyond financial commitment’

Q:  Are you trying to find a way not to cut off aid?

MR. CARNEY: No, we’re — I think I would say on the question of aid, the relationship between the United States and Egypt goes beyond a provision of assistance, and it is based on decades of partnership and our commitment, this country’s commitment, to the Egyptian people. And everything we do will be focused on supporting a reduction in the polarization within Egypt and in hastening Egypt’s return to a democratically elected government as soon as possible.

And we view this decision, this determination through that prism. As we deliberate through this process and we engage with Egyptian authorities and observe what’s happening and monitor what’s happening in Egypt going forward, we will keep our focus on what we can do to help hasten a transition back to democratically elected governance, what we can do to help foster reconciliation in Egypt in a situation that’s highly polarized, as we call on all sides to refrain from violence and to refrain from any incitement of violence — because it’s obviously an extraordinarily complex and difficult situation.