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Bret Baier: Jay Carney’s Spin on Benghazi ‘Surreal’

‘This was a surreal answer from Jay Carney’

Fox News' Bret Baier called Jay Carney's performance on Benghazi in today's White House press conference "surreal" Wednesday on The Real Story.

ABC reporter Jonathan Karl and the White House press secretary engaged in a ferocious back-and-forth over yesterday's revelation that White House national security advisor Ben Rhodes prepped Susan Rice prior to her Sunday show appearances to attribute the September 11, 2012 attack to an anti-Islam video.

Baier said the White House press secretary's contention the email in question had nothing to do with Benghazi "strains credulity."

Full remarks:

BRET BAIER: This was a surreal answer from Jay Carney. Now, this is a prep session with Susan Rice, getting ready for five Sunday talk shows. This is three days after 9/11 when four Americans, including the American ambassador to Libya, are killed. Everybody in the chain has said it's a terrorist attack, everyone in the chain is saying there's no protest. And yet this email, if we're to believe Jay Carney at the White House, had nothing to do with Benghazi. It was more about the broad scope of the region. Now, imagine that. What are they going to ask about on five Sunday talk shows when you have four Americans who were killed just days before? They're not going to ask about the other protests that didn't see any Americans killed. They're going to ask about that. So then he said that the reason they didn't originally put forward this email to the committee — they eventually got it to the committee redacted — was because it didn't deal with Benghazi. Now, that really strains credulity, I mean it is really out there.

Jonathan Karl exchange with Jay Carney: