BEASTMODE: Mike Pence Says United States Is 'Arsenal of Democracy'

Former vice president Mike Pence said on Wednesday that standing with Ukraine isn't just about beating back the Russians, but more importantly sending a "deafening message to the world that the free world is going to stand for the sovereignty of free nations."

"I truly do believe that we are the arsenal of democracy, we are the leader of the free world, and continuing to stand with Ukraine to support their fight there is consistent with the conservative principles first articulated by Ronald Reagan," Pence told a local New Hampshire news station. "Back in 1985, he said that the United States would support people fighting for their freedom against communism in their country so that we wouldn't have to fight them here. It's called the Reagan Doctrine."

Pence's comments come in the wake of a wave of statements from declared and potential Republican presidential candidates on Ukraine. The former vice president, who has been a consistent voice in support of aid to Ukraine, criticized Florida governor Ron DeSantis for referring to Russia's war in Ukraine as a "territorial dispute."