Audience Cheers at Ryan’s Rebuttal to McDermott

'I am going to deviate from my original question in response to what I just heard'


Applause rang out as Rep. Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) slammed Rep. Jim McDermott's (D., Wash.) implication that the Tea Party and conservative organizations were responsible for their own targeting by the IRS Tuesday in the Ways & Means Committee hearing:

PAUL RYAN: I am going to deviate from my original question in response to what I just heard [lots of cheering].

JIM MCDERMOTT: Mr. Chairman? Mr. Chairman?

PAUL RYAN: Welcome to Washington.

DAVE CAMP: The committee will be in order, Ryan has the time.

PAUL RYAN: We heard Gingrich, we heard Bush.

JIM MCDERMOTT: Mr. chairman?

PAUL RYAN: We had the former IRS commissioner Shulman who knew about the political targeting long before was Congress was told, and has since implied that they were responsible for the targeting because they chose to apply for tax-exempt status? So you are to blame I guess is the message here? Do you think you were targeted based upon your political beliefs, your religious beliefs, or just because you chose to apply?

BECKY GERRITSON: Our beliefs. Our views.

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